Next, R programming project training period lasting 18 weeks followed with R programming assignment final dimension taking place at R programming assignment end of R programming task training period starting of March. An additional size four 4 weeks after R programming project end of R programming task training software was also carried out R programming help assess maintenance of skills attained. Experiment groups followed alternative schooling courses focusing on R programming assignment development of six technical skills transition of ball, dribbling, pass, ball control, head and kick with unique attention given R programming help R programming task advancement and tracking of dribbling and kicking potential. Experiment group A practiced according R programming help schooling method A and experiment group B followed R programming assignment education method B, whereas handle group americans didn’t participate in any soccer application and simply followed R programming project physical education software in accordance R programming help their schools curriculum, that covered track and field events, normal team sports follow in basketball, volleyball, handball, and soccer and dance. The weekly program of R programming task two experiment groups included two training units of 65 min each one every Tuesday and Thursday where technical skills were practiced and one training unit playing a 60 min football game every Saturday. In each education unit, practice for R programming project test group A in accordance R programming help education method A protected a warm up period with or without R programming assignment ball, R programming project main a part of training technical football skills, a soccer game and a settle down period.